Brand strategy and identity

bigHead is a manufacturer of specialist fasteners that go into high-tech carbon fibre structures, from cars to rockets to buildings and boats. As the market for carbon fibre car bodies has grown, so too have the market opportunities, particularly with car manufacturers looking to make lighter, more environmentally friendly vehicles.

Image shows a large brand image on a staircase wall. The branded image is a montage of two heads that portray the process from high-performance design to high-performance motorsport.

The challenge

bigHead approached us to help them develop their brand in order to make them more relevant to global automotive manufacturers. They needed to tell their story in a way that would make them more appealing; moving from niche British manufacturing to something that felt broader and more global.

Hero brand image showing man with hard hat with an eye superimposed into the side of the hat.
Stack of brand marketing brochures neatly positioned on grey surface
Close-up of marketing brochure introduction page
Close-up of core brand message 'Liberating potential' on wall
Close-up of a hand holding a bigHead product as part of a branded company timeline

Our approach

bigHead’s customers break speed records, go into space and pioneer new innovations in manufacturing. In conversations with their customers, we learned that they were respected as trusted experts in the science of speed, security, safety and strength. To harness this expertise we developed a new proposition and identity around a single idea “Liberating potential”, adding a new layer of value to their offering.

Visuals of branded web pages in mobile view
Marketing brochure spread showing collaborative meeting
Marketing brochure spread showing overview of business achievements
Interior branding showing large graphic on wall
Inspirational quote on wall in office
Boardroom showing car brands logos

The outcome

The new brand has helped open the door to bigger opportunities. Today, they are partnering with global automotive manufacturers, helping their design engineers overcome the most complex technical challenges.

Transform Europe Branding Awards

Gold: Best brand development to reflect change in mission/values/positioning.
Bronze: Best visual identity, industrial and basic materials sector.

The project became their baby which is precisely what you want from your agency.

Matt Stevens, Chief Executive, bigHead

What we did

Proposition development
Tone of voice and messaging
Marketing collateral and sales tools
Digital campaigns
Responsive multi-language website
Brand film and product explainer
Interior brand storytelling and signage
Exhibition design