Platfform for young people

Engagement campaign

Platfform are the largest mental health charity in Wales. They offer support and mentoring to children and young adults who experience difficulties with their emotional wellbeing.
Front of card box with a card coming out of top showing illustration of a super hero flying off

The challenge

The young people’s team at Platfform asked us create a tool that would put positivity and self-care in the hands of those who needed it most. They asked us to think outside the box.

Front and back of mental wellbeing cards showing colourful line illustrations of different metaphors

Our approach

We collaborated with a diverse group of young people to define the brief, then tested a number of approaches with them. The outcome – a deck of cards full of uplifting activities. With the help of the young people, we wrote each activity and categorised them based on types of wellbeing: emotional, intellectual, physical and social. We gave the cards a name: ‘Positive Power-Ups’, making them memorable and easy to reference. And we developed a striking and playful illustrative look, working with illustrator Dave Bain to bring each activity to life, along with the outer packaging.

Four mental wellbeing cards in a row showing different line illustrations
Random selection of mental wellbeing cards showing different activities depicted through illustrations
Selection of wellbeing cards showing different illustrations
Large selection of mental wellbeing cards depicting activities through illustration, randomly placed on a grey background
Three mental health activity illustrations in a row in different colours
Mental wellbeing card box shown at an angle and in a dynamic perspective
Front and back of a 'wild card' mental health activity card

The outcome

The cards have served as an effective tool to engage a greater number of young people. They have proven so popular that an additional print run was required within six months of launch with a further print run twelve months later. And a group of young people were so taken with the cards that they wrote and produced a fun rap song titled ‘Positive Power-Ups’.

Working with the team at Clout is always a pleasure. They take the time to really listen to our ideas and vision and then work their magic in bringing them to life. We are beyond pleased with what they have created.

Siobhan Parry, Children and Young People’s Services

What we did

Art direction

Our collaborators

Dave Bain, illustration
Matt Ayres, writing