Visual identity

Sebra is a book imprint brand from Welsh language publisher Atebol.

The challenge

More commonly known for children’s books and educational resources, Atebol wanted to expand their reach to adults through unique fiction, non-fiction and informative titles. We were asked to design a visual identity and launch campaign to promote the new book imprint.

Sebra (Welsh for Zebra) a publishers logotype that uses graphic books in a striped formation

Our approach

Their commercial strategy is to curate and promote unique content from Welsh writing talent. The name Sebra (Welsh for Zebra) was chosen for its bilingual quality and how it reflected Atebol’s bold, original offering of unusual content that is impossible to ignore. To link the idea to literature we designed a logotype out of books arranged in a striped formation. The concept was carried into the wider visual identity where images appear within book ‘apertures’ to reinforce the diverse mix of subject matter and the overarching brand narrative ‘Find the unexpected’. A bright green and white colour palette underpinned by neutral greys was introduced to compliment the language and to further enhance standout.

Publishers brand design shown across advertising posters on wall
Branded editorial newspaper design that uses graphic book silhouettes as stripes. Inside stripes is a portrait of a woman
A-board style sign situated outside a building uses book silhouettes in a stripy arrow formation
Three book spines in a line showing the Sebra publishers logotype design
Advertising pillar in city street showing branded poster design that uses book silhouettes to reveal a mix of images within
Publishers branded website design shown on a tablet device against a grey background
Branded Instagram images on phone screen against grey background
Branded grey tote bag with design that uses book silhouettes with messages within
Branded white notebook with book silhouette design in gloss spot varnish shown against a grey background
Branded green packaging tape with graphic pattern of striped book silhouettes on grey box
Branded green bookmarks that echo the logotype sat on a grey background

The outcome

The new brand was launched at the 2023 National Eisteddfod of Wales, the largest music and literary festival in Europe. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with comments like ‘this is clever’, and ‘this feels fresh and different’. During the launch event several published authors made approaches to register their interest.

The brand has been very well received. Kudos to all especially given the tight turnaround. We really appreciate Clout’s creative leadership and efficiency

Rachel Lloyd, Head of publishing

What we did

Visual identity
Launch campaign
Print and digital assets

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