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Brand creation

Capita’s focus in Wales is drawn together under a single joint venture (JV) with over half of all local authorities, spanning South Wales and beyond. Together with Welsh Government they work across vital infrastructure – improving schools, transport, roads and property.

The challenge

The origins of the joint venture go back over 20 years, with the sole purpose of sharing and trading expertise across boundaries, providing more cost effective and specialist services for local authorities. The venture has evolved over the years with organisational and name changes adding to an already confused positioning and lack of a visibly coherent brand. From a change in direction and a desire to capitalise on bigger commercial opportunities, they asked us to help them define and create a new brand for the JV that would give them independence from Capita whilst drawing upon their links to Wales.

Bird logo construction overlayed over image of mountain valleys
Redstart logotype incorporating a bird symbol

Our approach

We worked closely with key stakeholders from Capita and the local authorities to define a positioning and strategy for the brand. We developed the core brand idea around a Redstart, a small migratory bird whose stronghold is in Wales. The concept of the bird that knows every inch of its territory from earth to sky aligned perfectly to their new holistic approach. We created a stylised bird ‘mark’ that references the undulating shapes of the Welsh landscape. And we developed a design system using graphic compositions taken from the master identity and a less formal illustrative style with sweeping lines that echo the journey of the bird.

Visuals of a brochure design system
Contemporary illustration style conveying a community scene with the word 'community' running through it
Contemporary illustration style conveying a family within a countryside scene with the word 'sustainability' running through it
Large evocative words in different brand colours
Large evocative words in different brand colours
Contemporary illustration style conveying placemaking design with the word 'regeneration' running through it

The outcome

The new brand has reinvigorated the business and instilled a greater sense of professionalism and confidence. It has allowed the organisation to have conversations beyond the JV area and Wales itself, creating bigger and more beneficial opportunities. Redstart is helping shape, deliver and support regional projects like never before.

They pushed us creatively and led us towards a great narrative and the best outcome, whilst remaining mindful of the brief.

Bernard Galton, Non-Executive Director, Capita plc

What we did

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