Milestones Trust

Brand strategy and identity

Milestones Trust supports people with mental health challenges, dementia and learning disabilities, providing services from specialist accommodation to supervised activities, principally through healthcare commissioning bodies.

Milestones Trust

The challenge

Their brand was no longer fit for purpose. A shrinking public purse had created a highly competitive environment for charities like Milestones Trust – it was imperative that their brand had a clear, relevant voice.

Brand language question mark
Brand language of silhouette painting

Our approach

Working closely with their management team, we demonstrated how their story could be made more relevant and engaging to their many audiences. We created a new visual identity which better reflects their creativity and positive approach to changing lives, one step at a time. We applied this new approach to a simpler, more engaging website and set of identity guidelines.

Milestones Trust charity brochures
Milestones Trust charity brochure spread

What we did

Brand identity refresh
Vision and values
Responsive website
Marketing collateral
Brand identity guidelines


The outcome

The refreshed brand has created a stronger visual link to their name and purpose, whilst retaining a connection with their original identity. A new tone of voice reflects their creativity and positivity, moving them away from clichéd sector language. The brand now feels vibrant, dynamic and relevant.

Transform Europe Branding Awards:
2018 Nomination: Best visual identity from a charity/NGO/not-for-profit

The new brand is fresh and gives us precisely the kind of standout we had hoped for.

Caroline Flynn

Head of Communications and Marketing, Milestones Trust

Brand icons
Milestones Trust responsive website desktop
Milestones Trust brand in the hand cover
Milestones Trust tone of voice and messaging page